What has Oukaimeden to offer you?

Oukaimeden is a small village in the High Atlas Mountains (2700m.) of Morocco, located just 90 minutes drive from Marrakech.

A new Boulder destination – as we believe - with thousands of untouched boulders.

Imik’simik’s prime boulder destination.

Some further details for the siked climber: We have divided the area into some sectors where we already opened boulders. The recently updated (late 2018) guidebook covers about 800 problems. Just a fraction of Oukaïmeden’s potential.

Plato. 76 Problems set. Medium Potential. Plato is the only area so far in Oukaimeden which is located at the North West side of the mountain ridge. It is a very compact area with one of the highest concentrations of blocks per m2. This area is discovered in may 2015 during the imik'simik trip and all problems in this area are opened during this same trip. Plato is different to other areas because it is totally flat what means no arduous approaches to your favorite problems.

Neverland. 45 problems set. Boulders on the ridge overlooking Plato Sector - 350m southwest of the observatory. The highest sector of oukaimeden looks like a hilltop on a mountain. On top of this hill are the most and the best problems located. Much of them are rather high, at least higher than most of the problems in oukaimeden. At the same time, you can find many 6th and 7th grade problems here.

Back yard. 108 Problems set. A small but nice area with Medium Potential. Located just above the 'centre ville' of the village and next to Mostapha's Chalet this recently discovered area is perfect for a late evening session with nice views over the village and valley. It is a small area with lots of lower grades problems. Lots of un-found and un-opened problems are waiting for you.

Dar. 36 Problems set. This sector is located high up in Oukaimeden. It starts right after the imik'simik chalet from Mostapha. Therefore, Dar is an easy sector for a short session nearby 'home'. This is also where the name 'Dar' originates from. 'Dar' translates to 'house' or 'home' in the local Berber language of Oukaimeden.

The Bakery. 135 problems set. High, but really high, potential. Just outside the village. Makes its perfect for an afternoon Boulder session. This is the area where we opened the most Boulders so far. This area is slightly up the hill and gives great views over the village and the lake. There are a few piles of Boulders for High-Ball-lovers.

Centre Ville (Unknown number of problems set) Directly west from the shops you find several boulders that are part of the old Clup Alpine Français (CAF) de Casablanca-circuit, mainly children and/or beginners level. I was not able yet to get the original topo of this circuit. It is high in my priority list to re-publish these original circuits (there are circuits in Shepherds as well) that are put up in Oukaimeden decades ago. Recently some new lines are opened on a prime block with great features.

Babylon. 87 problems set. Moderate potential. At the east side of the lake with some boulders just at the shore of the lake but with most of the boulders and Boulder potential at the other side of the ridge. Be extra careful with this area because there are a lot of shepherds houses and structures. Respect this. It’s their living area.

Rivers. 40 Problems set. High Potential. This small sector is adjacent to the 'Babylon' but contains only the east side of the mountain ridge, starting from the lakeside following the river bed.

Le Passage. 9 Problems set. A small sector opened by a group of Germans in spring 2017 that exist of only two opened blocks with several, mainly harder, problems. It is meant to become famous for the huge overhang boulder within a farmers place for goats and sheep. Although the location can turn you down this roof boulder must be from world class.

The Beach. 15 Problems set. High potential. This sector looks a bit similar to the Rivers sector. Like 'Rivers' the 'Beach' sector is following the flow of the river. The 'Beach' starts when the 'Rivers' sector reaches a branch that leads uphill between two mountain tops. The sector is low in the riverbed with lots of large rock to open new lines. In 2017 some classic lines are opened.

Shepherds. 55 Problems set. Shepherds is home to some big boulders not far from the road (just before the Bakery on the right as you approach Oukaimeden). It gets the name from the numerous stone homes built in and around the boulders by village shepherds. There is a lot of new route potential in this area. Features many boulders with crimp rails and small pockets...and some high boulders too.

Manouktan. 4 problems set. Centred around the highest bloc in the area (feels more like a free solo than highball) that look like an immense tower. Not many problems opened yet but fun to explore a bit more. The approach is not super easy since it is a steep walk uphill.

Tagant. 11 Problems set. High potential. The only sector of Oukaimeden that is surrounded by trees and therefore it got its name 'Tagant' since it translates to forest from the local Atlas Mountains Berber language.

The colony. 56 problems set. High Potential.This area is the furthest away From the village, still just seven kilometers downwards. Just between a sharp curve in the road there is a quite flat area with very much interesting Boulders and nice problems. A good mix of hard overhang ‘cave’ boulders, balanc’y plates, scary (not for the HighBall lovers) High Balls, and technical ridges. A complete and Compact area. Because this area is a little lower than the village it’s a little warmer up here but as mostly during the day the clouds will cover the mountains they will do first so with this area and much later the upper area’s like the Bakery and Rivers of Babylon

Friends. 90 Problems set. High High Potential. We discovered this new area in 2014 with scenic views and great bouldering and we called it FRIENDS. Solid blocks in nice open fields.

There is much more than these seven areas but you have to start somewhere. So we started somewhere, let’s say…at the beginning. We made the start but without your help it’s never going to be finished. Join imik’simik and be part of this great project. Help out developing the topo or join one of our trips.

Respect the People. Respect the mountains.

The mountains surrounding Oukaïmeden are a home to many Shepherds and thousands of sheep. They escape the hot and low grasslands during the summer months to feed their sheep in the higher and cooler mountains of The Atlas. Because of this you will find some simple huts and structures for the animals in some of the areas. Respect this and don’t try to set nice Problems at the expense of a fragile fence or shepherds hut. When imik’simik is in Oukaïmeden their won’t be a lot of shepherds. But when you meet them. Respect them. Say “salaam aleikoom, be gher, La bes”. Imik’simik does not check anyone. It’s your own responsibility and sense of human dignity to respect the shepherds and the life they are living.   

When you respect the People you respect the mountains and the other way around. Do not leave any trash! Obviously.