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The development of a world class boulder destination & Guidebook.

The intensification of the Guidebook with more than 30 hard(er) boulders (7A-8B), mark this update special. This brings the total boulders from 7A and higher up to more than 100, of which 6 in the 8th grade. Boulders of the 6th grade count near to 300 and grade 3 till 5+ over 350. In other words, there is plenty to climb for both beginners and more experienced climbers.

Hours in the field – Hours behind the screen

I have even more first ascents in my database, nevertheless, lack of essential information is keeping me from including them in this update. Since the guidebook is a community effort that I try to coordinate and facilitate, it maintains a challenge to get all the required information of climbers’ first ascents. The hours spent in organizing the content is in no sense justified in commercial values. Its driven by passion.


Luckily, I partner together with the guys from Rakkup, the actual developers, that are constantly improving the application and adding new features every year. Big-ups to Mad Rock and NIHIL climbing for supporting Imik’simik from the very initiation. 5 years of great partnership and hopefully many more to come.

HIGHLIGHTS: Get your guidebook and look at some of the newest lines in Oukaimeden:

•Have a look at Coupe Franche (8A+) FA by Nico Pelorson (video). It is a luxury to have such a nice block few meters away from the terraces.

•Good to see repeats (grade confirmed) of Oukaimedens’ first 8A problem All Alone (8A) FA by Leon Scholl (video).

•Not far from here it’s worth to check out the Basque efforts of Askatasuna (6C) FA by David Paritzo (video). Don’t forget to enjoy the splendid views.

•Try not to get wet in Splash (7A) FA by Florence Grünewald (video) in the Beach sector

•With further development arrives a new ‘hardest problem in Morocco’, located high above the river bedding, in the sector called Vire, you will find Epic porc épique (8B) FA by Nicolas Pelorson (video).

•In the relatively unexplored sector of the Forest (Tagant) you can practice your run and jump skills in Leap of faith (6C+) FA by Mattijs van der Knaap (video).

•Thanks to Titouan Deshamboux you can go high in Mauvais Oeil (7C) (video) in the Into the Wild sector.

International get-together in Oukaimeden – Chasing Boulders!

Do you like to be part of the development or just come and send some new boulders? Check the Imik’simiktrip. Annually, sometime during April & May, Imik’simik rents the complete chalet and welcomes everyone to join the group for as long as they like. Expect to meet people from all over the world. During the trip you can do what you want; no program, just bouldering. Next trip (link) is planned from 19 April to 12 May 2019.

Get your Rakkup Oukaimeden Guidebook here or update your guidebook if you have bought yours earlier.


Keoma Jacobs-Moed

Founder Imik’simik Development