Trip'n April'19

What it is all about

The next trip is planned for April/May 2019. You can join as many days as you like. You do not have to join all the days of the trip (would be great if you did though), choose the dates that fit you the best. It includes:

o A detailed description of the area, with guidance on request.
o The chance to boulder with people from different nationalities
o The opportunity to set new problems for the next topo
o The thrill to be a part of this project and develop an area from scratch.
o We provide a crash pad rental service (we have them stocked in Oukaimeden)
o We are developing – with you - the one and only Online boulder topo in Morocco
o We provide you with professional advice in: car rental, accommodations and general tours in Morocco. Don’t hesitate to ask, we don’t hesitate to help you.
imik’simik brings people together. imik’simik functions like a social platform for climbers. imik’simik is more like a facilitator for adventurous (probably stubborn) boulder-crazy and independent people.So, we are not a classic travel agency. We bring together those:

o who want to boulder in Morocco,
o who like a little bit more adventure,
o who like to send untouched boulders
o & who like to be part of something exciting; developing a new boulder destination.

Because we care about your freedom we do not offer a fixed all-inclusive package with flight, transports, accommodations and beverages. We all like to boulder, however, we all have our own rhythm of life, specific interests and weird habits (many weird habits). We respect and even like these different characters. We are all different and that’s great.

o Flight
You book your own flight and choose your own date sometime in April/May 2019. You have the freedom to choose to join for four days but you can also come for 21 days to Oukaïmeden. That’s all up to you. Its also a good idea to combine the imik'simik trip with a longer stay in Morocco.

o Accommodation & private Chalet
When there are enough subscriptions I can rent the whole Chalet in the village for all of us again. The chalet has great mountain views, a fridge we can stock with cold drinks, a kitchen and a fireplace! Wouldn’t that be great? The earlier I have ten climbers who join the trip, the earlier I can arrange this and book the accommodation. The Chalet will cost about 25 euro per person per night.

o Transport & sharing a car

Car rental will cost about 30 euro’s per day (per car) but is heavenly depending on the car, as you know. The good thing is that imik’simik is expecting a lot of enthusiasm for the trip so we can share cars which make it cheaper, and we like it when a service is cheap and good at the same time. The earlier you book the trip the more I can do for you and look for a match with another climber and share a car. When there are enough subscribers I can try to make a profitable deal with one rental service. But when you want to rent a car just for yourself, that’s totally fine. That’s what we call freedom.   

o Food & Drinks

As you hopefully understand by now we don’t have a fixed programme and we won’t force you to attend to a schedule that doesn’t fit you. No, no, no! You can decide for yourself when, how and where you want to do whatever it is you like to do. The experience, so far, tells us that most of the time we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Just because it’s fun. And not because it’s a programme. Food and drinks will be about 15 euros a day. Oh, when we have enough climbers who join the trip I will try to rent a villa, you remember? And then we have the possibility to cook by ourselves…or get a private cook for the week.

o Crash pad rental during the trip.

Off course you can rent a crash pad! Cost you €35 for the entire trip, regardless the number of days. Normally crash pad rental is €15,- per day per pad but during the trip we use special rates to make it easy and save for all of us. There are 17 Mad Rock crash pads in Oukaimeden that we can use all together. You don't get your 'personal' crash pad during the trip, however you can use as many as you like. For more info check the crash pad page.

“I hope to hear great stories from new friends from all over the world” We hope to bring together groups of friends from Munich Boulder gyms, crazy tuff guys from Scandinavia, enthusiastic and constantly “awesome” saying Americans, boulder lovers from ‘020’, the guys from beneath the Dutch rivers (where my roots are) and of course everyone from my hometown The Hague (And Arnhem off course).

Got it? Still got some questions? Do not hesitate (will you) and contact me at or facebook.

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